Visitation in Long-Term Care Facilities (RCF, ALF, ICF and SNFs)

SLCR has received several questions recently regarding visitation in long-term care facilities. All previous guidance provided by DHSS regarding visitation is no longer in effect. No state waivers are in place regarding regulatory or statutory requirements related to visitation. Section 198.088.6(K), RSMo states, “Each resident admitted to the facility may communicate, associate and meet privately with persons of his choice, unless to do so would infringe upon the rights of other residents.” State regulations also require facilities to follow appropriate infection control procedures. To balance these two requirements, all long-term care facilities (RCF, ALF, ICF and SNF) should follow CDC guidance related to visitors: The CDC guidance points facilities to CMS’ memo for additional information related to visitation. Certified facilities are required to follow CMS guidelines. Although state licensed only facilities are not required to follow the requirements in QSO 20-39 NH, DHSS highly encourages them to use the memo and FAQs as a standard of practice to ensure safe visitation occurs in their long-term care community.

CMS has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to address the questions received regarding visitation in Nursing Homes. This additional information is provided to help residents, families and providers ensure that safe visitation can occur. The FAQs can be found on the emergencies page here and also in QSO-20-39-NH REVISED.