Conversations with Carmen

November 20, 2020: CHOICE: New Ideas to Enhance Resident Life in Tough Times
Guest: Linda Bump, MPH, RD, with Host Carmen Bowman

As we all struggle to get through these tough days, we each turn to things that give us comfort – in all areas of our lives. We relive great memories, try to maintain rituals that have meaning to us, and of course, food is always on the list. That’s what “comfort food” is all about, and it’s different for each person. All of this is just as true for your residents. The simple approach of knowing specifically what brings daily pleasure to each resident and honoring true choice for them can brighten their day – and brightening our residents’ lives is what brightens every committed caregiver’s day, too.

Perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting isolation has awakened in us something primal and universal: a deep interest in food. We see it everywhere. The explosion of cooking and culinary shows on television, Netflix and the internet, food blogs, recipe and cooking sites… We can bring that interest in food into our communities. Food is fascinating, so let’s find ways for residents to experience the food conversations happening everywhere, and perhaps add some new flavor to their days.