Missouri Specific Coronavirus Regional Data

Since Feb. 3, Missouri hospitals have been reporting daily data to establish situational awareness of hospital capacity while preparing for and responding to the spring outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Using these data, the Missouri Hospital Association has distributed a daily statewide dashboard of the current impact and capacity of COVID-19 in Missouri hospitals. A copy of today’s dashboard is included.

Information from the daily dashboard has supported local, state and federal officials in gaining day-to-day awareness of Missouri’s hospital capacity. The reports also have been used by the media to keep the public updated on hospital response.

Throughout the spring, more data that offer additional detail and trends have become available. To keep the report current, it has been modified several times to capture these new data elements. However, as we move from our initial response to the surge to our current status of recovery, it is critical we look at data trends in different ways to help us better understand the impact of the pandemic on our state and individual communities, and detect possible future trends. Today, MHA and the Hospital Industry Data Institute are pleased to introduce new, weekly COVID-19 dashboards providing regional trends and models of predicted cases. Concurrently, the aforementioned daily, situational awareness dashboard will be phased out. Daily situational awareness will remain available on the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ website.

These regional dashboards have been developed in partnership with Missouri state agencies, hospital leaders and researchers at the Institute for Public Health at Washington University, and are included below for your review.

The new dashboards were designed with the intent to serve a larger audience. As Gov. Parson continues to lead the Show Me Strong Recovery plan, government officials at all levels, along with local businesses, schools, churches and other organizations, will need access to innovative monitoring tools to help manage their reopening efforts. These dashboards – with state and regional focus, along with the element of predictive understanding – will serve as a tool to help you and the leaders in your organization have better awareness of the pandemic. Further, the regional dashboards will complement other information currently used for COVID-19 planning and decision-making.