CMS Memo: QSO-24-14-NH: Nursing Home Data and Care Compare Updates

Memorandum Summary

  • Update Nursing Home Guides Posted on the Care Compare website: CMS will post new guides for consumers on the Nursing Home Care Compare website to further support consumers choosing a nursing home and those already admitted to a nursing home.
  • Implement the New Staffing Level Case-Mix Methodology: CMS will implement the new staffing level case-mix adjustment methodology, announced in September 2023 (QSO-23-21-NH), for staffing measures reported on Nursing Home Care Compare.
  • Revise the Staffing Turnover Methodology: CMS will revise the nursing home staffing turnover methodology so that employees who are on leave for 90 days or less are not counted as staff turnover.
  • Post Facility Data: To increase transparency CMS, will post data on characteristics of nursing homes and their residents on