MC5 Event – Re-Imagining Person-Directed Culture: It Starts with a Conversation

Join members of the team from MC5 and special guests the 4th Wednesday of each month as we share stories and best practices, explore challenges faced, and together re-envision what Person-Directed Care can look like for seniors in Missouri, especially for those living and working in Missouri’s Long-Term Care and Assisted Livings communities.

Using Zoom, the format will be casual – a conversation – with special guests inviting participants to share, ask questions, explore, and plan for how through MC5, we can re-imagine and “move the movement” forward as we come out of the pandemic.

March 22, 2023: Re-Imaging Person-Directed Culture: It Starts with a Conversation
Special Guest: Julie Wilson, RN, Regulatory Compliance Manager ICF/IID Unit & COMRU Unit, Section for Long-Term Care Regulation, Division of Regulation and Licensure, DHSS
Conversation Starter: One of MC5’s founders and past board President, Julie will give us a glimpse into the successes and challenges faced over the years as she shares the story of MC5 and the Culture Change Movement in Missouri. A look at the past to help guide us as we envision the future.

April 26, 2023: Save the Date
Special Guest: Sheila Winchester, Regulatory Compliance Manager, Quality Assurance and Education, Section for Long-Term Care Regulation at Missouri DHSS
Conversation: Providers and regulators share a common vision as evidenced by the Person-centered philosophy and practices that are incorporated into and supported by regulations, both Federal and State. Sheila will share ways that regulators and providers can work together as we move forward following the pandemic.

May 24, 2023: Save the Date
Special Guest: Penny Cook, Chief Culture Officer, Center for Innovation (CFI) / Pioneer Network
Conversation Starter: A goal of CFI/PN is to help support and grow state culture change coalitions. Penny will share what is happening at coalitions around the country as well as through initiatives such as the Moving Forward Coalition.