COVID and Flu A/B Test Kits

  • ALERT: DHSS 30-Day Pause of PPE and Test Kit Shipping Operations on January 31, 2023

DHSS will pause shipping operations on January 31, 2023 for up to 30 days to complete inventory and transition warehouse operations to a new platform. Orders for PPE and Flow Flex Antigen Test Kits will need to be placed prior to January 27, 2023 for shipment on January 30, 2023. Please ensure your last order will cover PPE and Antigen Test Kit needs through March 1, 2023. During the pause, orders will not be processed or shipped. However, once shipping resumes March 1, 2023, PPE and Antigen Test Kits will be shipped daily upon approval and order processing.



DHSS is now offering free lifeSign Status COVID-19/Flu A&B Test kits to long-term care facilities.  These testing supplies are currently in limited supply, therefore, LTC facilities should continue to use COVID-19 antigen testing supplies as indicated. Orders may be placed now. Shipping will begin on Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

Application for Status COVID-19/Flu A&B Test Kits

When to use Flow Flex COVID-19 antigen test kit VS Status COVID-19/Flu A&B Test kit:

  1. Use Flow Flex for residents with known COVID-19 exposure
  2. Use Flow Flex for residents during the facility COVID-19 outbreak, or high COVID community level
  3. Use Status test kit if COVID exposure is unknown or unlikely
  4. Use Status test during the facility influenza outbreak, or high influenza activity in the community
  5. Do not use Status test for COVID detection if patient symptomatic for more than 5 days

Long Term Care Facilities must add to the facility’s CLIA certificate:

Adding lifeSign Status COVID-19/Flu A&B Test kits to Your CLIA Test Menu

The CLIA program has developed an email template that you can copy and paste, fill in the blanks, and email to to update your test menu to include lifeSign Status COVID-19/Flu A&B.

Email Subject line: Add COVID-19 Testing to existing CLIA Certificate for [FACILITY NAME]

Lab/Facility Name:


Existing CLIA Waived Lab #:


Lab Director Name:


Which COVID-19/ SARS-CoV-2 Waived Test system added?
Check [X] all that may apply.

[    ] Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card
[    ] Acon FlowFlex
[    ] Quidel Sofia 2 SARS-CoV-2 Antigen assay
[    ] Becton Dickinson Veritor™ Plus Antigen test kit
[    ] Abbott ID Now
[ X ] OTHER Waived test(s) approved by FDA EUA (specify below): lifeSign Status COVID-19/Flu A&B Test kits

As the Laboratory Director or administrator/owner’s agent of record for the CLIA facility holding a Waived Certificate identified above, I wish to append my facility’s existing CLIA# to include additional testing for COVID-19. I attest that my facility will provide reasonable assurances that:

  1. All testing personnel for COVID-19 will be provided adequate and documented training
  2. All Manufacturer’s Instructions for Use (IFU) will be strictly adhered to

All tests results (both positive and negative) will be reported to the proper public health entities under federal and state requirements. See MO DHSS link regarding reporting:



Reporting Positive Influenza Results

As a reminder, all influenza results must be reported on a weekly basis, in aggregate, to your LPHA using the Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza Weekly Worksheet for Reporters.

For additional information about influenza, including Missouri’s reporting rules, please see or contact MO DHSS, Bureau of Communicable Disease and prevention at (573) 751 -6113.


Reporting Positive COVID-19 Tests

Facilities performing their own COVID-19 testing (antigen testing) must report positive results through one of the following portals:

  1. Missouri Disease Reporting Online Portal (MODROP)
  2. In bulk via HL7 or CSV file using the DHSS- Electronic Lab Reporting process
  3. National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) or the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) Informatics Messaging Services (AIMS) Platform.

Facilities using an external laboratory (PCR testing) must enter positive case information into MODROP.

The Missouri Disease Reporting Online Portal (MODROP). MODROP can be accessed directly from or by using the existing ECD-1 link at and selecting the MODROP button.

NOTE: The recommended browser for use of MODROP is Google Chrome. Other browsers may cause issues with MODROP.

Facilities will need to register for a MODROP account the first time they use the new portal. MODROP allows reporting of only COVID-19 cases. Reports of other reportable conditions may be faxed to 573-751-6417.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues utilizing MODROP or for questions about HL7 or CSV reporting, please reach out to the EpiTrax Help Desk via e-mail at

Please see the FAQ and thank you for your efforts to provide complete and accurate COVID-19 data to public health.