Virtual MC5 Meeting

January 17, 2023: Changing the Culture of Aging Through Meaningful Engagement
Presenter: Joan Devine, RN, Former Director of Education, Pioneer Network

Historically as we age, society has told us that our days of contributing are over and it’s time to sit back, relax and become the receiver of care and services. Based on this belief, the goal for many providers of senior services has been to design passive activities, things to keep people busy; to help pass the time. Communities around the country and around the world have heard the voice of Elders, and that voice is telling them that keeping busy is not enough!

It’s about engagement, meaning and purpose, and a chance to contribute to the greater good. What communities are learning is that when Elders are part of a “community commitment”, it not only benefits them and their senior living community, it sends a message that Elders are still valuable members of society.

This virtual session will explore what active engagement looks like based on the principles of the Citizenship Model as well as by the stories of nursing homes and assisted living communities that were recipients of the Pioneer Network’s Community Commitment Awards.