Resolution of Issues: NHSN Person-Level (Event-Level) COVID-19 Vaccination Forms

We want to provide an update on the issues related to the Person-Level (Event-Level) COVID-19 Vaccination Forms that occurred following the recent NHSN application update. These issues are now resolved, and users can do all of the following:

  • Users can search and filter their data
  • Users can import .CSV files that contain more than one row per individual (for example, if an individual was discharged and later re-admitted)
  • Users can modify all fields, including ID and name
  • Users can no longer delete staff IDs from the other event-level forms (e.g., from the POC tool) if the staff ID is linked to a staff vaccination record

As a reminder, users cannot delete rows. If you have incorrect data that needs to be removed, please do one of the following:

  1. Edit the row/ repurpose the row with someone else’s data, or
  2. Change the discharge/end date to a date that is before the person-level forms could be used to submit date (i.e., before 3/28/2022). This way, the incorrect row won’t contribute to any data that can be submitted. In addition, you should change the ID so that it is not linked to a real ID. Also, add a note to the Comments column on the far right to document that this entry is incorrect.

In addition, updated CSV materials for the Person-Level (Event-Level) COVID-19 Vaccination Forms are now posted to the website, and links are provided below. Please note that is it optional to use the CSV materials, as users can manage all data within the application without using the CSV files.


All resources:



.CSV variable description and file layout:

.CSV template and example – HCP:

.CSV template and example – Residents:

Please contact with “COVID-19 Person-level Vaccination Forms” in the subject line with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you for your efforts with submitting data to the Weekly COVID-19 Vaccination Modules.