BinaxNOW Recoupment – Ending Friday June 11th

DHSS will cease recoupment of excess Abbott BinaxNOW cards effective Friday, June 11 – meaning any recoupment requests must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 11 in order to be sent a mailing label. As before, we will only accept unopened boxes and box lots that have at least 30 days or more to expiration, please refer to the most recent extension expiry letter from Abbott. After that date, the recoupment form will be removed from the DHSS website.

If your facility has an excess of Abbott BinaxNow Cards, which you are unable to use prior to them expiring, please provide your information on the recoupment form link:

SEMA will send you UPS shipping labels and the tests will be sent to the state warehouse for redistribution- so they do not expire before they can be used.

Please note the following:

  • Unless you have specifically ordered the tests from DHSS via an online ordering portal- the tests you are returning were from FEDERAL.
  • SEMA is unable to accept tests that are 30 days or less until expiration date (this can be within the new expiry date). With less than 30 days, they are unable to recoup and redistribute those tests to another user in a timeframe that allows the new user time to incorporate into their testing regimen.
  • Abbott’s guidance for unused kits is that all components of this kit should be discarded as Biohazard waste.


  • If there are facilities in your state receiving direct allocations of Abbott Binax NOW that would like to cancel those allocations, please submit the cancellation request to Note: this is a cancellation not a pause. Pausing allocations is not an option. Once received allocations can be transferred to other facilities within the state.