Wanted: COVID-19 Vaccine Champions

The sooner we’re all vaccinated for COVID-19, the safer we’ll all be. And that is especially true for point of care staff. That’s why the Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN), in collaboration with the Missouri Nursing Home Advisory Council, is seeking brief statements from the frontline – why your staff members chose to be vaccinated.

Peer-to-peer encouragement can boost vaccine confidence as well as vaccination rates.

Would any of your team members be willing to share their vaccination “story?” All it takes is completing a brief online form and uploading a photo, which could be a selfie, the staff member being vaccinated, or even an image to depict the reason they got vaccinated such as to keep their loved ones and residents healthy.

To participate, simply share the COVID-19 Vaccine Experience Consent form with staff or complete it for them (with their consent).

The collection of powerful impact statements will be developed into posters and social media posts so that we can spread the word, rather than the virus.

Questions? Email HQI.