SLCR Life Safety Code Information Series

The Section for Long-Term Care Regulation will be releasing a series of Life Safety Code Information. You may also view the entire Life Safety Code document for reference.

Today’s subject is:

What if a sprinkler head gets paint on it or has corrosion?

No one can successfully remove paint or corrosion from a sprinkler head and the facility must replace those sprinkler heads. There is currently not any UL listed paint remover.

NFPA 25, 2011 edition: Sprinklers shall be inspected from the floor level annually. Sprinklers shall not show signs of leakage; shall be free of corrosion, foreign materials, paint, and physical damage; and shall be installed in the correct orientation (e.g., upright, pendent, or sidewall). Any sprinkler that shows signs of any of the following shall be replaced:

(1) Leakage
(2) Corrosion
(3) Physical damage
(4) Loss of fluid in the glass bulb heat responsive element
(5) Loading
(6) Painting unless painted by the sprinkler manufacturer Any sprinkler that has been installed in the incorrect orientation shall be replaced. Any sprinkler shall be replaced that has signs of leakage; is painted, other than by the sprinkler manufacturer, corroded, damaged, or loaded; or is in the improper orientation. Glass bulb sprinklers shall be replaced if the bulbs have emptied.