SLCR Life Safety Code Information Series

The Section for Long-Term Care Regulation will be releasing a series of Life Safety Code Information. You may also view the entire Life Safety Code document for reference.

Today’s subject is:

How often does the facility need to ensure the generator transfers power within 10 seconds?

  1. What information is required for the documentation?
  2. Does it have to be under load?

The facility staff must document a transfer within ten seconds at least annually. This documentation must include all legs with the amperage under load. The load test must last at least 30 minutes, which is in addition to (warm up is not allowed) cool down times. This is not a load bank test, which is available only for diesel generators who cannot meet at least 30% of load.

NFPA 110, 2010 edition:
4.3 Type. The type defines the maximum time, in seconds, that the EPSS will permit the load terminals of the transfer switch to be without acceptable electrical power. Table 4.1(b) provides the types defined by this standard.