Federal and State COVID-19 Vaccination Programs

The Federal Government and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services have developed COVID-19 vaccination distribution programs and we strongly encourage you to enroll your community in both programs. The federal program focuses on residents and the Missouri program focuses on staff. Enrollment in both programs is essential to ensure residents and staff have access to the COVID-19 vaccine when the vaccine becomes available. Information about the programs, including the enrollment process is below. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about either program.


Federal Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care ProgramRegistration deadline TODAY, November 6
The national vaccine distribution program for long-term care residents.

To prepare for the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, the federal government has partnered with pharmacies to distribute and administer the vaccine to residents in long-term care facilities. This program is free of charge and covers all of the reporting requirements associated with the vaccine.

Long-term care facilities (nursing homes, assisted living, residential care, adult day communities, ICF/IIDs and other congregate settings for older adults) have until Friday, November 6th to register with the CDC on how they want to receive and administer the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available. Federally certified nursing homes will be able to register through the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) website, while other settings (assisted living, residential care, adult day communities and ICF/IIDs) can register at REDcap Sign-Up Form.

We strongly encourage all long-term care facilities to participate and register. This is critical to ensuring our vulnerable residents are among the first to receive a vaccine when it becomes available.

The documents below further explain the program.

Federal Pharmacy Partnerships Program_102620
LTCF Program Overview_Final


Missouri COVID-19 Program – Updated Information

In addition to the national vaccine distribution program for long-term care facility residents, the Department of Health and Senior Services has developed a vaccine distribution program for long-term care facility staff.

To accomplish facility staff vaccination there will be three scenarios. Facilities choosing scenario 1 or 2 – information regarding this enrollment process will be distributed in the near future.

  1. Partner with a local pharmacy to provide onsite vaccination of staff;
  2. Partner with a local public health agency to provide vaccine to staff either onsite or offsite; or
  3. Enroll as a COVID-19 vaccination provider using the process described below
  4. Must have to be able to store and administer vaccine (which may be ultra-cold temperatures and doses up to 975)
  5. Facilities will receive vaccine at no cost
  6. Vaccination supplies at no cost
  7. PPE for vaccination at no cost


Process for Enrolling as a COVID-19 Vaccination Provider

There is no deadline to enroll in the state COVID-19 vaccination program.

If you have further questions about the Missouri COVID-19 program, please email cv19vaxenroll@health.mo.gov.