MC5 2020 Spring Roadshow

April 23, 2020: Understanding Young Coworkers: Recruiting Successful Relationships
Location: St. Joe Medical Center, Health and Education Auditorium, Kansas City

April 24, 2020: Understanding Young Coworkers: Recruiting Successful Relationships
Location: St. Charles Community College, Daniel Conoyer Social Sciences Bldg., Cottelville

Presented by Clint Maun, CSP

Aging Services organizations of today and the future must learn how to successfully utilize younger coworkers in management positions. As this important resource is hired and retained, healthcare professionals must implement success strategies to produce collaborative efforts which ultimately benefit our customers. This session provides essential, up-to-date information on how to attract young talent, develop flexible practices that assist with retention and assimilating the young/new coworkers with mature staff.

  • Identify the current hot buttons for retention in today‘s healthcare environment.
  • Implement the successful involvement of younger coworkers on teams, committees and projects.
  • Discover methods for effective updates on work performance.
  • Become proficient in how to lead – not just manage.
  • Utilize younger coworkers as managers.
  • Develop targeted messages that potential applicants find attractive and respond to.
  • Prepare the targeted pay/benefit strategy for successful recruitment.
  • Implement a team-based effort for recruitment by current employees.

This session delivers timely and proven strategies developed from current staff development consulting initiatives nationwide; includes case studies, examples, lecture, humor, question/answer and group discussion.

More details available on the MC5 Roadshow Conference page.