Interim Payment Assessment (IPA)

The IPA is an optional PPS (Medicare Part A) assessment. However, the switch over from RUG-IV to PDPM requires a “transitional” IPA in order for SNFs to bill Medicare for days in October if the resident was admitted to the SNF for their Med A stay prior to 10/1/19 . To set up an IPA assessment, including the “transitional IPA”, you will need to do the following:

  • Code item A0300 Optional State Assessment “Is this assessment for state payment purposes only?” as “0. No”;
  • Code item A0310A Federal OBRA Reason for Assessment as “99. None of the above”;
  • Code item A0310B PPS Assessment as “08. IPA – Interim Payment Assessment”;
  • Code item A0310E “Is this assessment the first assessment (OBRA, scheduled PPS, or Discharge) since the most recent admission/entry or reentry?” as “0. No”;
  • Code item A0310F “Entry/discharge reporting” as “99. None of the above”.