MU Gerontology Clinical Update

December 5-6, 2019: 30th Annual Gerontology Clinical Update
Location: Peachtree Catering and Banquet Center Ballroom, Columbia

This gerontology conference is two days of evidence-based and application-oriented educational programming built on current literature, suggestions from past participants and hot topics suggested by the conference planning committee. The topics for the conference were determined by experienced gerontology nurses from hospitals, LTC, rehabilitation, home and community health, as well as gerontology nursing faculty, a nursing home administrator, social worker and LTC facility surveyors. Every effort was made to translate the latest evidence into practical and useful knowledge for the gerontology professional.

Keynote Speakers
December 5, 2019: Martin J. Schreiber, Alzheimer’s Caregiver, Ambassador, Former Governor of Wisconsin
Keynote Address:  My Two Elaines

December 6, 2019: Gerda Saunders, PhD, Author, Salt Lake City, UT
Keynote Address: The Disappearing Self