Conversations with Carmen

October 18, 2019: Shedding Light on Dementia for Family, Friends and Care Givers – 2nd in series on creating a good life for persons living with dementia
Guests: Megan Hannan, MS and Linda Bump, MPH, RLD

How can we stay in relationship with the people we love who are now living with dementia?


    • Listening and being present.
    • Appealing to strengths and abilities.
    • Experiencing even a small success.

These are things that help any of us have a better moment, hour or day, and often help persons living with dementia feel heard, included, competent and less isolated. That can be huge!

We invite staff, families and friends of persons living with dementia to join us for this “illuminating” conversation. We’ll discuss the five basic human needs: comfort, inclusion, identity, occupation and attachment, and how understanding those can help us be present and in relationship with persons living with dementia. We’ll also talk about simple communication techniques and approaches that have been shown to help ease agitation or confusion.

For this show, we encourage communities to invite family members and friends of your residents living with dementia, to join you for this webinar. Make it a party!

For those who support someone living at home with dementia, gather family and friends together for this webinar.

As always, registration for the webinar allows you to attend the live show and/or to watch the recorded show. Learn at your convenience!