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Pioneer Network’s Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action Webinar

January 18, 2018: Introduction to Critical Element Pathways (CEP): Using the Physical Restraint CEP to Support Reduction of Alarms 
Guides: Kim Roche, CMS, Cheryl Kruschke, Regis University and Joan Devine, Pioneer Network

Join our guides as they share insights into the Critical Element Pathways (CEP), a tool used by CMS to guide observation and investigation during the survey process – a tool that you can use in your quality improvement program as you monitor and improve practices in your nursing home.

Using the Physical Restraint CEP, webinar guides will share examples of person-centered practices that support the quality of life that you seek for your residents and the outcomes that CMS is looking for when they survey your home.


February 15, 2018: Eliminating Suffering for Residents with End Stage Dementia (Focus on Death and Hospice/End of Life CEP) 
Guide: Maureen Nash, MD, MS

When it comes to providing the best care at end of life for residents living with dementia, are we doing the best we can? Do we always recognize when someone is in the end stages of dementia so that we can provide interventions such as palliative care and hospice?

Join Dr. Nash, a board-certified physician in both internal medicine and psychiatry, and Medical Director of Providence Elderplace Oregon, a Program of All Inclusive Care of the Elderly, as she shares with you best practices that can help eliminate suffering for residents with end stage dementia. And then, together we will explore how these best practices support the CMS Focus on Death and Hospice/End of Life Critical Element Pathways, providing you with a tool to assess and monitor your practices.


March 15, 2018: A Person-Centered Approach to Infection Prevention (Focus on Urinary-Catheter-UTI and Urinary Incontinence CEP) 
Guide: Lynn Meyer, BSN, MPH, CIC (Certified Infection Preventionist)

Infection Prevention, antibiotic stewardship, Infection Preventionist…we see these words in the new CMS Conditions of Participation, but what exactly do they mean for the care partners and residents in our nursing homes? How do I prevent the spread of infection among residents and staff – after all, this is the residents home, it’s not a hospital! And besides…where can I find the time?!

Together with Lynn Meyer, you will explore best practices in infection prevention and see how they are supported by person-centered principles. Lynn will share tools and tips to help you keep it simple AND attain regulatory compliance.

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