Conversations with Carmen

Getting Residents Out of Wheeled Chairs

September 16, 2016, Webinar 1pm CDT

Presenters: Carmen Bowman and Diana Waugh, BSN, RN, CDP

We all know that wheels were put on chairs for transportation. That certainly makes sense and provides people with any limitation on their ability to get from point A to point B. How is it then that individuals who reside in many communities dedicated to caring, spend the vast majority of their time awake sitting in a wheeled chair? Something has gone awry with the application of a very specialized piece of equipment.   Wheeled chairs were never meant as seating devices.   We can also state all of the negative effects of having people sitting in a wheeled chair… but there are still way too many people doing just that.  We will look at the underlying change in belief that must occur to move to a new culture where wheeled chairs become simply a mode of transportation, and are unoccupied most of the time.


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