My Vote Matters

National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care

It’s Election Year! What are Your residents Thinking? Are they ready to Vote?

As we approach the Democratic and Republican conventions this month and the General Election in November, Americans are talking about the candidates, the issues at hand, and thinking about their vote. Voting is one of our most important civic responsibilities, yet too often individuals receiving long-term care and services do not have an opportunity to cast their ballot.

What can be done to help residents and other long-term care consumers exercise this right? What kind of assistance do they need? Getting registered? Getting to the polls? Filing an absentee ballot? When we involve residents in the political process, we all will benefit from it.

Consumer Voice is featuring two new consumer fact sheets with information about exercising this important right and cornerstone to our society.

  1. Registering to Vote
  2. Casting Your Ballot

Consumer Voice has also created a new issue page with great voting resources:

Residents can also be engaged in the election process by having an opportunity to talk about the issues important to them – both related to their daily life in the long-term care facility, to their community, and to society at large.
Get them started in discussions with their peers in the facility by inviting them to share their views.  Be prepared with the My Vote Matters toolkit, which includes:
Invite Resident participation in the national discussion. Ask what they’re thinking and help engage them in the election process!