CMS Reminder: Revisions to Forms 672 and 802

Effective December 1, 2012 CMS instructed surveyors to return to the “Traditional Survey Process” of reviewing Quality Measures during offsite preparation.  

This change also implemented the use of the new “Form CMS 802 (04/12) ROSTER/SAMPLE MATRIX” andForm CMS-802P (04/12) ROSTER/SAMPLE MATRIX INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROVIDERS.”  

This change has also implemented instructional updates toForm CMS 672 (05/12) RESIDENT CENSUS AND CONDITIONS OF RESIDENTS.”  

If your facility automates forms from the MDS software, please ensure to present the new forms to the facility surveyors.  You may need to contact your vendor if your software does not generate the new forms.  

Facilities are required to utilize the new forms.  Upon survey entrance, surveyors will provide the administrator with the forms to be completed.  The new forms are also available for download online: