Special Admission Category Referral Time Frame

When a Special Admission Category (SAC) Referral/Request is submitted and approved by the Section for Long-Term Care Regulation, Central Office Medical Review Unit (COMRU), the approved SAC request will be only for the time frame requested.

Facilities must notify COMRU, in a timely manner, if it appears a client will exceed the specified time frame on the approved SAC.  For example, a thirty-day respite stay or a thirty-day admission from a hospital will only be approved for thirty days – unless the facility notifies COMRU the client will be staying beyond those days.  If the facility fails to notify COMRU, it could affect Medicaid reimbursement.  The approved SAC is the only notification a facility will receive.

Please review the instructions attached to the Special Admission Category Referral form for additional clarification, available on our website:  http://health.mo.gov/seniors/nursinghomes/pasrr.php.

You may also contact COMRU at 573-526-8609 or send an e-mail to: COMRU@health.mo.gov.