Visit to Parc Provence

By Sam Plaster, State Culture Change Coordinator

In May 2012, I visited Parc Provence in Creve Coeur.  Parc Provence is a 130-resident, state-licensed-only, skilled nursing home that specializes in dementia care.  Director of Resident Well-Being and Social Services Angela Keeven showed me around.  Angela is also the West Regional Representative for MC5 (Missouri’s Culture Change Coalition).  Parc Provence uses the “Forget-Me-Not” questionnaire to document individual preferences and to guide the care and services they provide.  Residents are very active and engaged, with the assistance of a large staff of caregivers, including a dentist, a massage therapist, music therapists, art therapists, and over 30 activity specialists.  They also have many interns and volunteers…  to read more and view photos please click here:  Parc Provence