RAI Manual Errata Document to be posted

CMS will be posting a new errata document on the RAI manual page of their website.  It is designed so that you can remove the old page of the RAI and insert the new corrected page.  Items in the clarification memo will be posted in a RAI Manual errata document within the next few weeks.  An updated notification will be sent when this errata document is posted with the RAI Manual.  These changes became effective April 1, 2012.  The changes can be found in the clarification memo, however the errata document is not yet posted with the RAI Manual.  If you have any questions, you may contact:  Joan Brundick, BSN, RN, State RAI Coordinator, Department of Health & Senior Services, Telephone  573-751-6308 or E-mail  joan.brundick@health.mo.gov