NHSN-ServiceNow Launches for Faster User Support

Please use NHSN-ServiceNow to submit questions to the NHSN Help Desk. The new portal can be accessed here and should be used in place of nhsn@cdc.gov, nhsntrain@cdc.gov, and nhsndua@cdc.gov. ServiceNow will help the NHSN team respond to your questions faster. Users will be authenticated using CDC’s Secure Access Management Services (SAMS), the same way you access NHSN. If you do not have a SAMS login, or are unable to access ServiceNow, you can still email the NHSN Help Desk at nhsn@cdc.gov.

Why should you use ServiceNow?

  • ServiceNow has a form that guides you to provide the NHSN team with the right information so we can answer your questions faster.
  • The information you provide in ServiceNow routes your questions directly to the right subject matter expert, shortening response time.

You can easily track the progress of your question and response using the ServiceNow Customer Service Portal.

**Please note:

  • Currently open tickets will be addressed by the existing procedure. No new action is needed on your part.
  • Tickets requiring CDA support from the NHSN CDA Team should continue to be emailed to nhsnCDA@cdc.gov until further notice.
  • AUR test files for CMS Promoting Interoperability Program validation should continue to be emailed to nhsnCDA@cdc.gov until further notice.

More information on the new NHSN-ServiceNow platform can be found here. A direct link to NHSN-ServiceNow within the NHSN application will be available in October 2023.