Action Pact – Conversations with Carmen

January 20, 2023: Back to Food = Love, Life, Health and Wellbeing = Compliance and Culture Change

This is the first in the 2023 series, Back to the Future: Moving Dining Forward.

From token to true choice, using regulations and standards to help people living in long-term care to eat what they want to eat, and to live the lives they want to live.

Come out of the pandemic better. Take advantage of this time and do it different. Learn how to shift your culture to honor each individual and get back to normal, to HOME, particularly in all things dining and vibrant daily living.

Each webinar will be framed by culture change practices, the Dining Practice Standards, leaning into CMS requirements and the Artifacts of Culture Change 2.0, the domains of wellbeing embedded in the CMS RoPs, and Kitwood’s basic human needs.