Qualified Fire Alarm Inspector/Installer in Certified Facilities

The fire alarm annual inspection, semi-annual inspection, and repairs must be performed by a qualified individual. Recently, SLCR has observed several instances across the state of unqualified individuals inspecting/repairing fire alarm systems. NFPA states the qualifications needed for the inspector performing these types of services.

NFPA 72, 2010 edition:

10.4.3 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Personnel. (SIGTMS)* Service personnel shall be qualified and experienced in the inspection, testing, and maintenance of systems addressed within the scope of this Code. Qualified personnel shall include, but not be limited to, one or more of the following:
(1)*Personnel who are factory trained and certified for the specific type and brand of system being serviced
(2)*Personnel who are certified by a nationally recognized certification organization acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction
(3)*Personnel who are registered, licensed, or certified by a state or local authority to perform service on systems addressed within the scope of this Code (The State of Missouri does not have its own certification program, therefore this option is not applicable.)
(4) Personnel who are employed and qualified by an organization listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory for the servicing of systems within the scope of this Code Evidence of qualifications shall be provided to the authority having jurisdiction upon request.

When completing the LSC portion of the survey, LSC surveyors must verify the inspections and maintenance performed on the fire alarm system(s) were completed and signed off by a qualified person from the listed qualifications in NFPA. The facility is required to provide this certification to the surveyors at the time of the survey. Some companies list the inspector qualifications on the inspection and maintenance reports. These same regulations do not apply to the sprinkler system.

National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) is not the only option available for certifications, as inspectors can be qualified by other means; however, it is the most common nationally recognized certification. For NICET, the individual must be a Fire Alarm Systems Level II or higher. SLCR staff can search for an individual through the NICET website at: https://nicet.useclarus.com/view/verify/.

Please contact Scott Wiley (573-526-8552 or Scott.Wiley@health.mo.gov) and/or Steven Vest (573-526-8608 or Steven.Vest@health.mo.gov) with any questions regarding the qualifications of fire alarm inspectors.