DHSS Supply Chain Assessment Survey

Missouri DHSS is conducting a survey to assess healthcare supply chain integrity and is requesting your input. The survey is designed to assess the current status of the healthcare supply chain while also capturing lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the Hospital Preparedness Program, we are required to complete a supply chain assessment to examine supply chain vulnerabilities to guide future planning efforts. The information collected will also help statewide assets and stockpile realignment with respect to location, number and contents of caches, as well as to identify gaps for future investments.

This survey is 52 questions and divided into 5 sections: facility information, background information, preparedness, purchasing/operations, and future planning. It is recommended that facilities have emergency preparedness staff and procurement staff work together to complete the survey. Thank you in advance for participating in this collaborative effort regarding the healthcare supply chain.


The survey will close COB August 5, 2022.