Action Pact’s Conversations with Carmen

September 17, 2021: Living Life Outside of Groups – Dispelling the Pressure to Hold Them

Most residents end up spending most time in their room, with or without a pandemic. We have needed to hone helping people live life outside of groups all along. Groups can never be 24/7 or meet everyone’s needs anyway. Gift residents with lots of ideas of things to do beyond the norm and beyond television. Encourage people with time on their hands to try something new, do things they have not done in a while, refocus their capabilities, live out passions in adaptive ways and not lose their taste for life no matter their abilities. Work with people to tell their life story, share wisdom, leave a legacy, develop the invention, book or song in their heart, armchair travel, plan, sing, study, sort photos, serve others, and more. What a great moment in time to get creative and go deeper with people. Learn how to have every team member honor and validate every individual’s’ life role/contribution to your community.