Onsite Clinical and On the Job Training for Students Entering Health Care (Nurses, Nurse Aides, Therapy)

SLCR has received questions regarding whether or not Skilled Nursing Facilities can be a clinical or on the job training sight for students entering health care fields. The quick answer is YES! Long-term care facilities can use the guidance from CMS memo QSO 20-39-NH and DHSS visitation guidance as a way to say “YES” to hosting schools who are training our next workforce in long-term care. Students can be considered health care workers who are not employees of the facility but provide direct care to the facility’s residents. They can be permitted to come into the facility as long as they are not subject to a work exclusion due to an exposure to COVID-19 or showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 after being screened. Facilities should work with the schools to ensure they are aware of infection control policies and procedures and to whom questions can be addressed.

The most recent visitation guidance from CMS and DHSS can be accessed on our website: https://health.mo.gov/living/healthcondiseases/communicable/novel-coronavirus/professionals.php.

For questions related to this, please contact Angela.Duvall@health.mo.gov.