Standing Orders for Naloxone and COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing

With the appointment of Acting Director of Health and Senior Services Robert J. Knodell, the Department has issued identical orders and standing orders as to what was in place prior to this transition. The only differences are the date and signatories. As Acting Director Knodell is not a physician, those medical standing orders that may only be authorized by a physician have been re-issued under the authority of the DHSS State Epidemiologist, Dr. George Turabelidze who has held an unrestricted physician license in Missouri since 1996. These updated orders cover COVID-19 vaccination and testing needs as well as Naloxone administration and are intended to mitigate any challenges associated with transition.

For purposes of administration needs, the following information is provided for the purpose of execution of the established orders in an appropriate authorized manner:

Dr. George Turabelidze
NPI Number: 1750496246

The revised orders may be found at the following links: