Vaccine Information

This COVID-19 Vaccine document outlines processes to address the ongoing vaccination needs for residents and staff in long term care communities.

  • For residents and staff who received their first dose at the final clinic conducted by CVS or Walgreens and are in need of a second dose of Moderna vaccine: Regional Implementation Teams and the Missouri National Guard will be coordinating with local partners to provide onsite vaccine for these residents and staff. Please review the attached document for additional information on this process.
    • Walgreens has indicated they will also be conducting outreach to those communities where they provided onsite clinics to ensure there is opportunity for administration of this second dose. This outreach by Walgreens may be ideal for ensuring residents who have been discharged to home have access to the vaccine if they don’t have the ability to return to the long term care community for the second dose.
  • For residents and staff who have yet to receive vaccine (new residents and staff, and residents and staff who did not receive vaccine at the onsite clinics): Several options are outlined in the attached document for ensuring ongoing access to vaccine. The University of Missouri-Columbia COVID Accountability Team (CAT) team will be available to assist communities with determining which option best meets their needs and with navigating through the process. DHSS hosted a WebEx call on Monday, March 29th at 1:30 for long term care communities that are interested in becoming a vaccinator. The WebEx was recorded and can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Long Term Care Facilities and Vaccination-20210329 1830-1

Thank you to our partners for assisting us with developing these processes and for assisting with coordination efforts moving forward! Questions related to ongoing vaccine efforts may be addressed to Shelly Williamson at