SLCR Life Safety Code Information Series

The Section for Long-Term Care Regulation will be releasing a series of Life Safety Code Information. Please see the entire document for reference.

Today’s subject is:

The Life Safety Code requires a facility with a generator to manually exercise all breakers and itemize all of the electrical panels used for the generator.

    1. How often does this need to occur?
    2. Does the facility have to have to follow the same procedure for all panels, even if they are not connected to the generator?

The LSC requires annual inspection and annual testing on all electrical panels attached to the generator unless the manufacturer’s guide states otherwise.

This only applies to the panels the generator utilizes (which will include the panels used for the Life Safety branches).

NFPA 99, 2012 edition:* Circuit Breakers. Main and feeder circuit breakers shall be inspected annually, and a program for periodically exercising the components shall be established according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
A. Main and feeder circuit breakers should be periodically tested under simulated overload trip conditions to ensure reliability.