National Long-Term Care Administrator’s Week

March 22, 2021 marks the one year anniversary of the first known COVID positive resident identified in a long-term care facility. So much has happened in 365 days. Each of you know better than anyone else what a humbling, scary, frustrating, and grief stricken year it has been. You also know that this past year has also created deep bonds between your administrative teams, personal moments of strength that you did not know were possible, and moments of humanity and deep kindness that still make you speechless. It is a year that has reminded us of the importance of family, friends, and our health. This week is National Long-Term Care Administrator’s Week. There is no better time for all of us in the Section for Long-Term Care Regulation to share with you our appreciation of each and every one of you. We are thankful for your leadership, kindness, and support of others during the most extraordinary time of our professional lives. We are thankful for your partnership and for the partnership of our long-term care associations who worked tirelessly alongside with us. Thank you for all you have done to protect health and keep the residents of long-term care in Missouri safe.