Submission Deadline for SNF COVID-19 Related Expenses – Extended through 12/30/20

The submission deadline for SNF “other” necessary COVID 19 related expenditure invoices has been extended through 12/30/2020.  There has been no change testing invoices – the deadline for all facility types to send testing invoices to the state is still 12/30/2020.

Beginning December 18, 2020, the following will appear on the main web application page:

Important update: Please read!

All long term care facilities (SNF, RCF, ALF, ICF) have until 12/30 to submit “testing” invoices.

Skilled Nursing Facilities may resume submitting “other” necessary COVID-19 related expenditures until 12/30.

If you represent a SNF and you already submitted items that were not approved because you were over your allocated cost cap, please do not resubmit those items. Those are being re-reviewed at this time. Only submit new expenses since 12/01 and/or items not previously submitted.

In order to process all LTC invoices in a timely fashion and meet deadlines, it is imperative that facilities submit complete invoices with all the required information and documentation. This includes:

    • The federal tax ID number
    • Invoice to the State with a unique invoice number not already used
    • Invoice/bill from the vendor who provided services/supplies
    • Full address of the facility
    • Signatures on all forms requiring signature
    • Detailed explanation of how the expenditure is COVID-related
    • Signed attestation if one has not already been uploaded to the State

If required documentation is not submitted, your invoice may not be approved.