MDS Rejections related to October 2020 Changes

Missouri opted to collect PDPM HIPPS codes on OBRA assessments with an ARD of 10/1/20 or later. This means that SNFs and NFs in Missouri need to complete additional items on OBRA assessments not combined with a Medicare assessment. Additional items include:

  • GG0130 Self-Care items;
  • GG0170 Mobility items;
  • I0020 and I0020B Primary Medical Condition items;
  • J2100 Recent Surgery item. If J2100 is checked yes, J2300-J5000 are to be completed.

Multiple homes have reported their software has not incorporated the additional required items listed above for OBRA comprehensive and Quarterly assessments with an ARD of 10/1/20 or after. They report if they complete the MDS assessments without these items the assessments are rejected by the QIES ASAP system. Some homes report they are able to change a setting in their software themselves that will include these items on OBRA assessments. Some homes report they cannot change the setting in the software themselves, that they must contact their software vendor for this setting change. Most homes that encounter this issue say after their software setting is changed, they must open completely new MDS assessments because the additional items will not be added to the assessment they opened prior to the setting change.

If you are completing an OBRA comprehensive or Quarterly assessment that has an ARD on or after 10/1/20, please ensure the additional items listed above, required to calculate a PDPM HIPPS code, are NOT grayed out in your software. If you discover these items are grayed out, contact your software vendor as soon as possible before continuing with the assessment.

If you have any questions about this issue please contact Stacey Bryan at or 573-751-6308. Thank you.