MDS Changes for 10-1-20

Missouri opted to collect PDPM HIPPS codes on OBRA assessments with an ARD of 10/1/20 or later. This means that SNFs and NFs in Missouri need to complete additional items on OBRA assessments not combined with a Medicare assessment. Additional items include:

  • GG0130 Self-Care items;
  • GG0170 Mobility items;
  • I0020 and I0020B Primary Medical Condition items;
  • J2100 Recent Surgery item. If J2100 is checked yes, J2300-J5000 are to be completed.

Training: QIPMO provided a webinar on 9/21/20 where Stacey Bryan, Missouri’s State RAI Coordinator, went over MDS changes for 10-1-20. To view a recording of this webinar please go to Please note, the RAI Manual pages to review for examples of diagnoses in each medical condition category for item I0020 is I-2 and I-3, not I-12 which is referenced in the webinar.

FAQ Document: Below is a FAQ document concerning the MDS changes for Missouri this October. This document will be updated as needed. The date a question and answer is added to the document will be beneath each answer.

MDS FAQ Document for MO 10-16-20 version

If you have any questions about this information please contact Missouri’s State RAI Coordinator, Stacey Bryan, at or 573-751-6308.