Electronic COVID-19 Case Reporting – Now Available

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) is pleased to announce the availability of Electronic COVID-19 Case Reporting. All entities currently required to complete a Communicable Disease Case Report (CD-1) should begin reporting positive COVID-19 cases via the new system*. This system will replace the paper CD-1 process and allow for more timely, appropriate, and accurate data for COVID-19 case reporting.

The new system also fulfills the requirement for residential congregate facilities to report COVID-19 cases under the Congregate Facility Reporting Order. Congregate facilities will no longer need to enter positive case information into the former system, which has been taken down.

The Electronic COVID-19 Case Reporting System can be found on DHSS’ main COVID-19 webpage: www.health.mo.gov/coronavirus. Please do not enter lab result information unless you are a reporting laboratory or you are entering on behalf of the laboratory.

Testing spreadsheets should continue to be provided by facilities to the Division of Regulation and Licensure. Testing spreadsheets can be uploaded at: https://health.mo.gov/safety/longtermcare.php.

*If your organization has already developed an electronic reporting process with DHSS, please continue to follow this process. The Electronic Reporting System is a replacement for those entities currently emailing, faxing or mailing a CD-1 form for COVID-19 case information.

In order to allow for more accurate submission of your data on the Electronic COVID 19 Case Reporting form, please note the following:
      -When you hit the “Submit” button on page 5 of the form make sure you add today’s date.
      -Make sure you choose Resident, Staff, Contracted Staff or “No” on page 2 of the form.