Fusion Cell Day 16 – DHSS Press Release on Testing/Follow-up to PPE Marketplace

The Department of Health and Senior Services issued a news release today explaining “Increased testing capacity allows Missouri to expand criteria for patient testing”.

The full press release is available here https://health.mo.gov/news/newsitem/uuid/912934b4-fa13-408b-a9b7-627db5c1c1e1/increased-testing-capacity-allows-missouri-to-expand-criteria-for-patient-testing.

Also, great news, as of yesterday almost 400 providers had signed up for Missouri PPE Marketplace. Remember to access that source through the Department of Economic Development’s website https://ded.mo.gov/.

Thanks so much for everyone who has entered information. This will inform the PPE need across the state as well as help identify new suppliers and manufacturers of PPE. Remember you have to use Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera as your Internet browser. Also, we have heard that emails to complete the registration are going to junk or spam email folders. This is being addressed, but please check those folders if you have started the registration process and have not gotten your email.

**Special Note for Multi-Facility Organizations**
If you are part of a larger organization and would like to submit a request as one corporate entity instead of each facility, please email supplysolution@ded.mo.gov to make a request to register as one corporation. You will be required to put a Missouri facility address in the registration.