Economic Impact Payments/Stimulus Checks

The Treasury Department says that the first recipients of stimulus checks have been given to taxpayers that have already filed their 2019 (or 2018) tax returns and have provided direct deposit information to the IRS.

The stimulus money should be treated the same way as the Circuit Breaker Checks/Rent Rebate Checks.  Stimulus money should be used for the resident’s current or foreseeable needs.

In order for the facility to recoup the funds, the facility must have:

  • A signed admission agreement stating for residents that owe back Room & Board, the facility may recoup the additional funds; AND
  • The resident owes back Room & Board to the facility; AND
  • The resident or the resident’s guardian/conservator gives written authorization at the time of the withdrawal.

Please keep in mind:

  • Review the Resident’s Trust Fund balance to ensure the resident does not reach the Medicaid Spenddown Limit amount. The amount is currently $4,000 and will increase to $5,000 as of 07/01/20.
  • All Resident Funds must be kept separate from the facility’s funds.
  • The facility may keep in a petty cash fund up to $50 for each resident for whom the facility is managing funds.

Feel free to contact Lynn Gilmore, SLCR Sr. Auditor, at or 573-508-4150 if you have any questions.