Missouri COVID Supply Solution – Message to Health Care Providers

The State of Missouri has been actively engaged in outreach to businesses in an effort to open up new supply chains for PPE and other critical medical supplies. In an effort to streamline this process, we are very excited to announce the Missouri COVID Supply Solution is live and ready for your use. This application is designed to match health care providers to suppliers of PPE and other medical supplies.

To participate, please go to the Missouri COVID Supply Solution to register as a health care provider using Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera as your internet browser (https://ppe-supply.uk.r.appspot.com/#/). Once your registration is complete, you can immediately begin adding your current PPE inventory and amounts you want to purchase. Once you complete this step, you can begin searching PPE suppliers. In order for the state to understand demand for PPE supplies, please update your PPE inventory amounts every three days within the solution.

Thank you for your participation in the Missouri COVID Supply Solution.