Pioneer Network’s Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action Webinar

January 23, 2020: Resources You Can Use to Educate, Advocate, Warm the Soil, Advance Person-Centered Care and Accelerate Culture Change (And They’re Free!)
Guides: Kim McRae, Co-Founder, Culture Change Network of Georgia and President, Have a Good Life; Rose Marie Fagan, A Co-Founder and Founding/Former Executive Director, Pioneer Network and Steering Committee, Culture Change Network of Georgia; and Joan Devine, Director of Education, Pioneer Network

Do you need some new resources to help educate and inspire the general public, care partners and change agents about the WHO, WHAT and WHY of culture change and person-centered care? Well, look no further! The Culture Change Network of Georgia (CCNG) may have just what you are looking for!

Through the generosity of a CMP grant, and through partnerships with organizations like Pioneer Network, they have produced short educational videos on topics from What is Culture Change? to State Culture Change Coalitions: Key to Advancing Change at the Local Level to Culture Change and Person-Centered Care: What’s the Difference? to Why Worry About Words: WORDS MATTER.”

Join Kim McRae and Rose Marie Fagan as they share the story behind the videos and offer some ideas to spark a conversation about how you can use these free resources to advance culture change and person-centered practices.

And while we’re talking, Joan Devine, Director of Education with Pioneer Network will update you on the resources available through Pioneer Network in our Learning Resource Library and more.