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May 23, 2019: Person Centered Dementia Care: First Came the Recommendations, Now Let’s Explore the Outcomes!
Guides: Sam Fazio, Senior Director of Quality Care and Psychosocial Research Care and Doug Pace, MHA, Director of Mission Partnerships, Alzheimer’s Association

The Dementia Care Practice Recommendations were released over a year ago. Join Sam Fazio and Doug Pace from the Alzheimer’s Association as they share data and stories of what has happened over the past year as these recommendations have been put into practice. You will learn how these standards can be the basis of a culture of quality improvement that can be achieved in any long-term care or community-based setting. In addition, as sponsors of the Dementia Track at this year’s Pioneering a New Culture of Aging conference, Sam and Doug will share with you some of the highlights from of what’s happening in the world of Dementia Care that will be shared at this year’s conference.