Conversations with Carmen

Action Pact: Conversations with Carmen

May 11, 2018: Black Balloons or a Rainbow of Colors: How Our Perceptions of Aging Affect the Care We Provide
Guest Presenter:  Penny Cook, MSW; President/CEO of the Pioneer Network

We’ve all done it – sent an “over the hill” card to someone, purchased “anti-aging” products, refused to say our age and maybe even given the dreadful black balloons on a milestone birth celebration. It’s part of our culture, right? It’s meant to be funny. It helps us cope with the fact we’re getting older. But how does it really affect us? More importantly, how does it affect the care and support we provide to Elders? In this conversation, we’ll explore how our own perceptions of getting older as well as those of the general society affect our long-term care system as well as our specific care practices. Let’s be the change we want to see!