Emergency Protocol for Long-Term Care Homes

The Emergency Protocol was developed in 2007 for communication between long-term care homes and the Section for Long-Term Care Regulation (SLCR), in the event a disaster occurs that results in a loss of a necessary service.  (Electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.)  This protocol was established to streamline communication so that homes can focus on what is most important – the safety and well-being of the residents.

This protocol provides the cellular telephone number corresponding to the region in which your home is located if you experience a loss in a necessary service that has the potential to affect resident safety or well-being.  You are encouraged to contact the regional office main office telephone number during normal business hours as survey staff carry the cell phone and may be conducting a survey or inspection during working hours and may not answer immediately.  Please remember, this protocol is NOT to be used to self-report incidents normally reported to the Elderly Abuse & Neglect Hotline (1-800-392-0210). 


Main Office

Emergency Only Cell Number

#1 Springfield

(417) 895-6435

(417) 425-8780

#2 Poplar Bluff

(573) 840-9580

(573) 778-6495

#3 Kansas City

(816) 889-2818

(816) 719-0089

#4 Cameron

(816) 632-6541

(816) 632-9371

#5 Macon

(660) 385-5763

(660) 651-1468

#6 Jefferson City

(573) 751-2270

(573) 619-3338

#7 St Louis

(314) 340-7360

(314) 623-2852

The State of Missouri map outlining the counties in each region is available at http://health.mo.gov/seniors/nursinghomes/providerinfo.php.

Additional resources for disaster and emergency planning are available at http://health.mo.gov/emergencies/.

If you have any questions about the Emergency Protocol, please contact the Section for Long-Term Care Regulation at 573-526-8524.