Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action

Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action

  • January 19, 2017:  Building the Foundation for a New Year: Using Language to Guide Your Culture Change Journey
  • Guide:  Joan Devine, Director of Education, Pioneer Network

Words can influence how we think, feel and even act. And so, as we embrace person centeredness and strive to approach the development of more person-centered practices in our work, we know that how we say what we say can make a difference in what people do! Join us for the first Hot Topic Webinar of 2017 where Joan Devine, Director of Education for the Pioneer Network and author of “Word of the Week: Building A Culture Change Dictionary” will guide you on a journey to discover words and phrases that can make a difference as we work to change the culture in our communities, and to change our own perceptions about aging and the work we do.


  • February 16, 2017: Building the Foundation for a New Year: The New Regulations — What They Mean for the Pioneers On Their Journey to Culture Change
  • Guide:  Karen Schoenemann, MPA, BA. Consultant, Author and trainer for CMS

We have all heard that the new regulations include requirements for the implementation of person-centered practices in nursing homes— what does this mean for those just starting on their journey as well as for those who are well beyond the minimal standards that the regulations generally require?” Join Karen Schoeneman, a founding member of the Pioneer Network and former Deputy Director of the Division of Nursing Homes for CMS, as she provides a glimpse into what communities can achieve as they work to meet and exceed the new regulations, and she’ll share the role that Pioneer Network and others have played over the past 20 years to get us where we are today.



  • March 16, 2017: Building the Foundation for a New Year: Using Pioneer Network and Other Resources to Guide Your Culture Change Journey
  • Guide:  Cathy Lieblich, Director of Network Relations, Pioneer Network

We know we want to change practices, to bring more person centeredness to our communities as we strive to meet and exceed the new regulations, but how? Have you been looking for some guidelines, training tools, tips that can help? That’s just the sort of thing you would expect to get from a network! Join Cathy and the guides from the communities as they explore the many resources available through the Pioneer Network’s new website; where to find them; how to use been used and the outcomes they have produced.



  •  April 20, 2017: Building the Foundation for a New Year: Understanding the Workforce Crisis — An Introduction to Root Causes and Real Solutions
  •  Guides:  Susan Misiorski, National Director of Coaching and Consulting Services, PHI and Anna Ortigara, Organizational Change Consultant, PHI

Consistent and dedicated staff are key to creating a person-centered environment, but how do you make that happen when employers of direct care workers– including certified nursing assistants, home health aides, and personal care assistants– are facing staffing shortages at crisis levels. Together, we’ll explore the top 5 reasons for the caregiving crisis, and share a range of interventions from quick wins to bold changes that address the fundamental quality of caregiving jobs.