CMS S&C Memo 16-40-NH/HHA/CLIA

CMS S&C Memo 16-40-NH/HHA/CLIA:  Notice of Interim Final Rule (IFR) Agjusting Civil Monetary Penalties (CMPs)

CMS S&C Memo 16-38-ALL

CMS S&C Memo 16-38-ALL:  Notification of Final Rule Published-Emergency Preparedness


CMS S&C Memo 16-37-ALL

CMS S&C Memo 16-37-ALL:  Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Clearance

LeadingAge MDS Webinar

Commonly Asked Questions on the MDS, M-Section

Webinar – November 10, 2016, 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. CT

Presenter: Pamela Scarborough,  American Medical Technologies

The purpose of this presentation is to provide education regarding commonly asked questions from clinicians about the MDS 3.0, M-Section and wounds.


Please find registration and more information here

RAI Manual Changes

QIPMO will be presenting two different webinars on changes to the RAI Manual that are being implemented October 1st, 2016.  One webinar will cover the new MDS Section GG and Delirium and the other webinar is on General MDS Manual Updates.  Both webinars will be presented on multiple days at different times.  There is no cost for the webinars.

To sign up for these webinars:

  • Section GG and Delirium, multiple dates and times from August 26, 2016 through September 9, 2016 visit enrollment webpage here .
  • General MDS Manual Updates, multiple dates and times from September 12 through September 28, 2016 visit enrollment webpage here.

CMS S&C Memo:16-33-NH: Protecting Resident Privacy and Prohibiting Mental Abuse Related to Photographs and Audio/Video Recordings by Nursing Home Staff

  • Each resident has the right to be free from all types of abuse, including mental abuse. Mental abuse includes, but is not limited to, abuse that is facilitated or caused by nursing home staff taking or using photographs or recordings in any manner that would demean or humiliate a resident(s).
  • This CMS memo discusses the facility and State responsibilities related to the protection of residents

The CMS memo is available at

CMS S&C Memo 16-31-NH: Mandatory Immediate Imposition of Federal Remedies and Assessment Factors Used to Determine the Seriousness of Deficiencies for Nursing Homes

  • CMS is implementing a national policy that requires the use of federal enforcement remedies when one or more residents suffer significant harm.
  • This new policy is effective for all surveys completed on or after September 1, 2016.

For more information you may visit

CMS has published the updated Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0 Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) Manual and forms which will be effective 10/1/2016

Section GG Part 1:
Section GG Part 2:
Section GG Part 3:
Section GG Part 4:

New MDS Updates

Medication Classification Resources

The DRAFT RAI Manual v1.14 posted 5-11-16 and found at and S&C 16-15-NH dated 3-25-16 and found at include several websites CMS lists as resources for information on medications (including classification).

Page 881 of The Draft RAI Manual v1.14 includes the following medication resources:

Page 41 of S&C 16-15-NH includes the following medication resources:

If you have any questions about the above information, please contact Stacey Bryan, BSN, RN, State RAI Coordinator, Department of Health & Senior Services, Telephone 573-751-6308 or E-mail

New MDS Updates

New MDS 3.0 Quality Measure User’s Manual Available

The MDS 3.0 QM User’s Manual Version 10 was posted April 28, 2016, which includes new Quality Measures.  The MDS 3.0 QM User’s Manual v10.0 contains detailed specifications for the MDS 3.0 quality measures that are only MDS based.  The new manual can be found in the Download section at the bottom of the page at


New Measures Technical Specifications

There are also now QMs that are claims based in addition to being MDS based.  The specifications for these Quality Measures can be found in the download section at the bottom of the page at


Nursing Home Compare Five-Star Rating

Beginning in July 2016, five of the new measures (all except for the antianxiety medication measure), will be used in the calculation of the Quality Measure rating.  Gradual phase-in of the new measures will occur between July 2016 and January 2017.  Prior to July, the Technical Users’ Guide, which is also available in the downloads section of the CMS website (same link as above), will be updated to reflect the changes to the Quality Measure rating calculation.


Payroll-based Journal (PBJ)

Beginning in July 2016, all Medicare- and Medicaid-participating nursing homes must submit staffing

data to CMS through a new electronic system called the Payroll-based Journal (PBJ).  More information about staffing data submission is available at

For additional assistance with or questions related to PBJ registration process, please contact the QTSO Help Desk at 877-201-4721 or via email at


Draft RAI Manual v1.14

On May 11, 2016, CMS posted a new DRAFT RAI Manual v1.14 in the Related Links section at so that users can preview significant changes before they become effective October 1, 2016.  There are many item set changes, including the new Chapter 3, Section GG: Functional Abilities and Goals. Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, Section A provide information on the new Part A PPS Discharge assessment.  Please note that it does not include Appendices F and H or replacement pages, which will be published with the final version 1.14 in September 2016.


If you have any questions about the above information, please contact Stacey Bryan, BSN, RN, State RAI Coordinator, Department of Health & Senior Services, Telephone 573-751-6308 or E-mail