Conversations with Carmen

March 18, 2016:  ALARMS: The New Deficient Practice?  Replacing Alarms With Better Practices
Presenter:  Carmen Bowman, co-author of “Alarms: The New Deficient Practice? Eliminating Alarms and Preventing Falls by Engaging with …. Life”

Join the discussion to consider the use of alarms.  Could it be that alarms actually fit CMS’ definition of “convenience,” which is not to be a reason for restraints at Tag F221?  Hear how the use of alarms could be deficient practice on/for at least seven tags.  Although no research shows that alarms prevent falls and there is evidence that alarms cause people physical and psychological harm, they are still used widely.  Eliminating alarms has actually reduced falls in the homes that have done so, committing to the better practices of

  • proactively checking in with residents
  • focusing on mobility
  • anticipating needs and
  • engaging residents with real life.

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