VOYCE’s Upcoming Events

April 16, 2024: Community Education: Tips to Remain Fiscally Fit as You Age

Are you worried about being financially scammed, missing bill payments, or neglecting to review your bank account statements? Or have you struggled to update your beneficiaries? If so, a daily money manager can help. These financial professionals offer personal services to individuals, families, older adults, people with disabilities, busy professionals, high-net-worth individuals, and small businesses. Learn more about their services and how you can protect your assets as you grow older.

April 22, 2024: Caregivers’ Resilience and Family Resources

Becoming a sudden caregiver for your loved one can be overwhelming. Identify tips on how to sustain your lifestyle and invest in self-care.

May 2, 2024: Professional Development Webinar: Cultivating an LGBTQ+ Friendly Community

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has outlined that the population of LGBTQ+ older adults in the U.S. is expected to double in size, becoming six million strong by 2030. Questions about the availability of inclusive housing for older LGBTQ+ people are rising. The purpose of this presentation is to inform attendees about the barriers that LGBTQ+ elders face when seeking out housing and long-term care services. This presentation will also introduce attendees to the Long-Term Care Equality Index (LEI), a tool founded by SAGE and the Human Rights Campaign to assist Long Term Care Communities in becoming more inclusive to LGBTQ+ elders. Attendees will leave this presentation with actionable steps on how to get connected to the LEI and how to start making their communities more inclusive to LGBTQ+ older adults.

May 7, 2024: Legacy Planning 101: Don’t Leave Your Family Guessing

With proper assistance, planning for the next chapter of life need not be stressful. Learn from an elder law attorney about the five essential documents to honor friends’ and relatives’ wishes.

May 20, 2024: ABUSE – Verbal, Physical, Sexual, Financial – Help Protect Your Loved Ones

Learn how to identify the signs of abuse, how and where to report it, and how to support your loved one, friend, or family member if they are experiencing abuse.