VOYCE’s Upcoming Events

February 20, 2024: Put the Care in Caregiving

The pressures of caregiving, whether inside or outside the home, can lead to a lack of empathy and several physical symptoms, known as caregiver compassion fatigue or burnout. In the wake of a pandemic that claimed over 5.5 million lives, knowing your limits and what to do when you’ve reached them is essential. Learn the signs of caregiver compassion fatigue to identify them in yourself or others and explore options for relief.

February 29, 2024: Summit to Protect Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities

This summit is a conversation with the community, professionals, older adults, and others to learn what needs to be fixed in the adult protection system.

March 18, 2024: Navigating Long-Term Care Choices and Understanding Nursing Home Residents’ Rights

A Professional Care Manager helps to develop care plans while resolving family conflicts. Find out how a care manager can help you to have autonomy in your life. An Ombudsman Professional will be on hand to understand Residents’ Rights in the long-term care facility.

March 19, 2024: Community Education: Driving Yourself Lonely

Loneliness and lack of connection in older adults have recently been reported as a public health crisis in the United States, the consequences of such potentially being an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, and premature death. What role does transportation play in exacerbating this problem, and how is this being addressed in St. Louis? Get your questions answered in this webinar!